15 Glam Living Room Ideas You Will Love

One of the best ways that you can instantly add a touch of style and sparkle to your living room is with modern glamor.

Not only will a touch of glamor help to elevate your living room, but a living room with a glam twist will compliment a variety of different decors. What’s not to love?

15 Glam Living Room Ideas You Will Love

Regardless of what type of living room size you have, what the layout of the room is as well as what your particular budget happens to be – rest assured that a glamorous edge is the easiest way to provide your living room with eye-catching pieces, statement making dimension and plenty of luxurious character.

The only question is, how do you add a touch of glamor and elegance to your living room space? If you’re currently asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will find 15 ideas that will give you the inspiration that you need to turn your living room into a glamorously luxurious haven. 

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How Do You Make A Room Glam?

Before we jump any further into this article, you might currently be wondering what it takes to turn a living room into a glamorous haven to relax in.

Well, even though it might seem like an expensive feat to accomplish, the good news is that there are a variety of ways that you can elevate your space with glamour without breaking the bank.

Generally speaking, though, when it comes to glamorous spaces – you’ll likely notice that the majority of elegant rooms tend to have neutral colors, standout decorative pieces as well as plenty of interesting textures to create character and dimension.

Along with this, you will also likely notice a few elements that will really help to make the space pop – including elements of both glitter and sparkle! 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a closer look at some of the best (as well as the easiest) ways that you will be able to elevate your living room with a stylish and timeless look.

15 Glam Living Room Ideas You’ll Love!

1. Incorporate New And Old Pieces

One of the easiest ways to make your living room glamorous is to incorporate elements of both new and old furniture, decorative pieces and more.

For example, if you happen to have an old fireplace in your living room that has been there since it was built – you could opt to leave this in your living room and elevate it with a variety of trendy touches that align with the goal of glamor while also ensuring that your space isn’t outdated.

Along with this, by leaving in older elements of the living space, you will be able to capture the natural character of your living room while simultaneously elevating your space with a glamorous charm.

This is also a great way to transform your living room on a budget, too!

2. Don’t Shy Away From Color

Believe it or not, glamorous living rooms don’t need to feature exclusively neutral color palettes.

In fact, bold colors can quite often provide a more playful take on timeless glamor that will help to add ambience and charm to your living room – while still ensuring that your living room has a glam edge.

Why don’t you consider incorporating a bold feature wall?

3. Add A Statement Light

Here’s another fabulous way to elevate your living room with a touch of timeless elegance. A statement light (such as a chandelier) will be able to instantly give your living room a touch of glamor without doing too much at all.

In fact, just the mere addition of a statement light will be able to instantly enhance your living room, all the while providing a central focus for both yourself and your guests.

4. Don’t Forget To Make It Cozy

As we’re sure that you might very well agree, even though elegant, glam rooms can often look beautiful and striking – it does mean that they can sometimes feel a little cold.

For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are incorporating elements of coziness to ensure your living room feels homely.

Some of the easiest ways you can achieve a cozy ambience while still maintaining a glamorous feel is through comfy furniture, a fireplace, a reading corner, blankets and more.

5. Opt For A Soft Color Palette

Even though it is possible to incorporate bold colors in your glamorous living room, one of the best ways that you can ensure that your living room has a timeless glamor is by opting for a soft/neutral color palette.

By making a soft color palette your base, you will then have the option of elevating your space with bold color if you so desire, while still maintaining a timeless glamor.

6. Create A Glamorous Display With Books And More

If you want your glam living room to have a touch of elegance and interest – one of the easiest ways you can do this is through a bookshelf display.

Bookshelves (or a similar piece of furniture) will provide you with the ability to add a variety of glamorous touches to your bookshelf including books, decorative pieces and plenty more.

7. Incorporate Dark Accents For A Glamorous, Sophisticated Vibe

15 Glam Living Room Ideas You Will Love

When you picture a glamorous living space in your mind, we’re sure that you’ll envision a space with charming dark accents.

Not only does this help to create a cozy, relaxed feeling, but the incorporation of dark-hued elements will instantly elevate your living space with sophisticated glam.

Some of the easiest ways you can do this is by opting for darker curtains, bookcases, light displays, mirrors and more.

8. Make Timeless Pieces The Focus

When attempting to elevate your living room with a touch of glamor, you should be sure to make timeless pieces the focus of the living room.

These can include anything from striking pictures to decorative sculptures.

Whatever you plan to use, making these the central docs will allow you to elevate your living room without breaking the bank, all the while ensuring that the room has a glamorous intrigue and pull.

9. Always Keep It Simple

Just like fashion, when trying to achieve a glamorous look – less will always be more.

With that being said, when elevating your space with a glamorous look, we recommend that you opt for simplicity, as adding too many pieces or incorporating too many colors will run the risk of making the space look cluttered and disorganized.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Add Sparkle

Like we have already mentioned above, one of the best ways that you can make your living room look glamorous and luxurious is by adding a few elements of glitz and sparkle here and there. From pillows to decorative pieces, the options are endless.

Remember, however, the key to adding sparkle to your living room is subtlety. Adding too much sparkle can make your room look cluttered and chaotic. Instead, opting for a few sparkly accents here and there will offer a refined look that will capture modern glamor. 

11. Opt For A Spacious Layout

Like we have already mentioned above, when it comes to creating a glamorous look, less is always more.

For that reason, if it is possible to – we highly recommend that you make your living room layout as spacious as you possibly can. This will ensure that the living room feels airy and welcoming, instead of cramped and cluttered.

12. Add A Coffee Table

Even though a coffee table is a pretty regular item to have in any living room space – incorporating a coffee table is one of the easiest ways to add glamor.

If you have the space, we recommend that you place a coffee table near your sofas, as you will then be able to incorporate a variety of decorative elements on the top of it, including coffee table books, candles and more.

13. Keep Fresh Flowers

A simple yet affordable way to elevate your living room space with a touch of glam is to keep fresh flowers in a vase!

Not only will this bring life and color into your living room, but it will also offer a timelessly classic edge that will bring glamor and interest to your room.

14. Incorporate Sculptural Wall Art

Opting for a sculptural or abstract wall art is another easy way to elevate your living room with a touch of glamor. This is also excellent for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of space!

15. Elevate With Pillows, Throws, Paintings And More

Last but certainly not least, the final way that you can elevate your living room with a touch of modern glam is through elevating it with accessories such as pillows, throws, paintings and other decorative pieces.

This will instantly add a glamorous touch to your living room, all the while ensuring a homely feel.

Maisie Park