15 Apartment Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

It is said that we spend about 33% of our lives asleep, so if you are spending all of that time in a bedroom that doesn’t feel quite right, then luckily this article is here to help.

Here are 15 apartment bedroom ideas that you will fall in love with. 

15 Apartment Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

1. Make It Light And Bright

If your apartment doesn’t get a lot of light into it, then you can always add some life into the place by using white shades and other bright colors such as tans, pinks, grays, and blues. However, it doesn’t really matter what colors you use, as long as they are bright. 

By also painting the walls light colors, then it will help lighten up the overall space. Also, if you haven’t already, implement some white curtains that will shut out light effectively but will not be totally black out. 

By relying more on natural light instead of synthetic lights from bedside lamps or overhead fixtures, then you will not only save money on your electric bill but will be gentler on the eyes.

2. Go For A Minimalist Style

Even if you feel like your apartment bedroom space is a bit boring, it does not mean that you have to go absolutely crazy with colors if you do not want to. 

By adopting a minimalist style, you will be able to create a space that naturally guides the eye to the different focus points just by leaving hints here and there of colors, textures, and shapes. 

Also, minimalist does not mean that all you have in the room is a bed, or even just a mattress – it simply means that things are stripped back a bit and are not as busy to look at. 

A minimalist style is also perfect for those who are living in a smaller apartment and cannot afford to lose much space to decorations and other materials. 

3. Add Floating Shelves For Extra Storage

A floating shelf is a form of wall shelf that is attached to the wall with a bracket system hidden inside the shelf, creating the appearance that the shelf is floating on the wall.

These shelves give additional storage space in areas where objects might not normally be stored. They can be utilized to make use of available space on corners or behind doors. When used, they make rooms seem cleaner, more organized, and more elegant.

4. Utilize Mirrors To Make Small Spaces Bigger

Did you know that if you have a smaller space, you can make it look bigger by simply adding a mirror or two?

Not only that, but the way that you add them can make a big difference. Instead of using one small one on the wall, it is recommended to get a full length one and prop it up against the wall. 

This works quite well as you do not have to drill any holes into your wall (perfect if you have a security deposit to worry about) and it creates the illusion that your bedroom or any room for that matter is bigger.

You will also get a much better view of your outfits which is an added bonus. 

5. Layer Rugs

By layering rugs, you can get very creative with colors, patterns, and textures which will make your apartment bedroom much more memorable. It will also make it nice and cozy, especially if you have wooden floors that tend to get quite cold. 

Keep in mind that this technique works best if the rugs that you are layering are of different sizes, the large one should be on the bottom with the smaller one on top to create the accent. 

Rugs also enable you to play with the room’s lines and angles, drawing the attention where you want it. 

A top rug can be angled on the bias or at a 45- to 90-degree inclination. Your bigger base rug should be placed straight and parallel to the furniture. You may then switch the direction of your smaller accent rug. 

6. Add Some Plants

There are lots of benefits that come with having plants in your home, and only some of those are aesthetic reasons. 

Sharing your space with plants is found to help relieve stress, increase productivity and concentration, and even purify the air. 

As far as aesthetic reasons go, plants have the ability to give any living space a bit more life. This comes down to their vibrant colors, and their natural dynamic shape which tends to grow into the space that you allot them.

15 Apartment Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

7. Create A Cozy Corner

If your apartment bedroom is short on space and a bed doesn’t quite fit right in the room, then you can instead make a little cozy corner. If you have enough space, you can push the bed right into the corner instead of having it right in the middle of the room. 

This will give you more floor space and will also make the overall room layout much cozier. In this corner, you can use fairy lights, wall décor, and blankets to make it look really enticing after a long day.

8. Implement A Loft Bed

The beauty of loft beds is that you can still have a comfortable bed, but you do not have to sacrifice any of the floor space in which it sits on. This is because a loft bed is essentially a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. 

Loft beds are particularly great for children as it is of course quite fun, but also gives them adequate space to sleep comfortably without worrying of banging their head on the ceiling. 

The space below the loft bed can be used for whatever you want, but it tends to be turned into a study space or reading area. 

9. Have A Floating Desk

Similar to floating shelves – a floating desk is securely attached onto the wall with a modern, flush design that keeps it out of the way when not in use. 

There are lots of different floating desk designs that you can choose from, so it really comes down to your own preferences and the space that you are working with. Some floating desks can fold up and down like a table on a train, this is great for those with small bedrooms. 

10. Add Throws And Pillows For More Color

If you love the bright and airiness of your bedroom but are missing some color, then you can easily add some exciting colors with throws and pillows.

To find the best color for your room, you can use a color feel to see what colors compliment what and what contrast others. 

Throws and pillows are also great for making your bed look much comfier and inviting. 

11. Make It Rich In Textures

If you are feeling that your bedroom has no life to it and is feeling quite flat, then it could be due to the fact that you do not have enough textures in it. This refers to an element of design that adds some excitement to the eye. 

For example, plants are a great way to add natural texture to a room as they flow in their own way and will feel smooth, spiky, wiry, etc. 

For something really interesting, you can add a shag rug to the wall. Placing it behind the bed is a great place to start, and then move it around to see what looks best. 

12. Experiment With Wallpaper

Walls do not have to be white in order to make a bedroom look as good as possible. Wallpaper, even on just one wall (known as an accent wall), is perfect for adding an interesting design into the space.

You can either mimic natural textures such as stone, wood, or brick, or can go for something pattern based such as flowers, forests, or whatever you want. 

Using wallpaper is easy and any one can apply it if your hands are steady enough, but you will also be offered a lot of different wallpapers to choose from.

Luckily, you do not have to worry about being overwhelmed with choice though as you can easily get samples and experiment with them at home. 

13. Strip Back To The Bones

Instead of smoothing out all of the quirky bits of your apartment bedroom, you can learn to embrace them and make them work for you. 

Things do not have to be perfect, and if you work with the ‘bones’ of the bedroom then it will make it much more unique than if it was perfect and uniform in texture, color, and shapes.

14. Hang Wall Art Up High

For an apartment bedroom that has low ceilings, you can create the illusion that they are higher up by placing artwork higher up. This is not to say that you should have them touching the ceiling, but even just a few more inches will make a visible distance as soon as you walk in. 

Choosing artwork that complements the rest of the colors and themes of the room is best and have one or two that really catch the eye whilst the others create a smooth transition between them. 

15. Use A Room Divider

A room divider is best used by those who either live in a studio apartment or one that is mostly open plan.

You do not have to use a traditional screen style of room divider if you are not able to or it does not go with the rest of the space, a room divider can even be a piece of furniture such as a chest or drawers, couch, or TV. 

This allows the space to be split into clearer sections which makes it flow well, add style, and create more privacy. 


Now that you know 15 ways to help make your apartment bedroom look just how you want it to, it has likely become clear that you do not have to do a complete renovation or swap the entire room around in order for it to be the bedroom that you deserve. 

Maisie Park