15 Country Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Getting your bedroom right is one of the most important things in a home. Without the right bedroom, you will never feel like the place is truly yours. If you love the country look and would like to get your own country-inspired haven, you’re in the right place!

15 Country Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

We’re going to go through some stunning country bedroom ideas that you can be inspired by. Some are simple, some are far more intricate. However, getting your room exactly right is worth all the time and trouble it may require. 

So, if you want to be inspired to create your own country bedroom, stick with us. Let’s take a look at our 15 favorite country bedroom ideas that you will fall in love with. 

15 Country Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Depending on where you are from in the world, your idea of country might vary. For us, country doesn’t mean gaudy colors and lackluster designs. Instead, it’s elegance and beauty, but not too refined.

You won’t find perfect furniture in a country bedroom – the weathered look is part of what makes it so beautiful. 

1. Southern Country Bedroom

This southern country-inspired bedroom is the perfect mix of simplicity and beauty. The color palette is neutral, with mostly cool-toned throughout. The small details are what makes this room a wonder – the fabric on the bed’s base, the wooden decor above the bed. 

Here, a simple carpet brings the walls together to create a cohesive design. The back wall appears to be a light pink, which brings in the color of the flowers.  

2. Country Western

This bedroom plays with colors in a minimalist but carefree way. The headboard and side table boasts a boldness, while the rest of the colors are more muted and light.

The rug on the bed brings out the blues and greens on the walls and furniture, while the browns compliment the pillows and window frame. 

Sheer curtains provide the perfect lighting for the room, but aren’t overbearing. Even the beige carpet brings everything in the room together as it matches tones in the rug, pillows, and wall art.

3. Cozy Country Cabin

This super cozy farm country cabin bedroom is bound to remind you of Christmas. The color palette is very warm thanks to the combination of reds and the warm lighting throughout.

The warmth of the walls, ceiling, and floor makes this bedroom feel perfect for cold winters and the snow. 

What really brings everything together in this bedroom is the chandelier made from twigs, and the wooden tones it matches throughout the room. The throw on the bed frame, as well as tones in the background, all work together to give this bedroom its final touches. 

4. Light And Airy Country Style

This light and airy country bedroom is classic and clean. The light and muted furniture stands out against the wooden floor and gold accents on the walls. Pale blues and greens are dotted throughout the space, but are never overbearing to the eye.

The minimalist chandelier and light textured ceiling bring everything together and create a breathtaking bedroom with clear country inspiration. 

5. Barn Door Bedroom

Looking for something interesting to do with barn doors? Create a corner door with two barn doors for something different! The color of these doors perfectly match the cool notes found in the wooden floor.

Inside the room, a simple rug offers some lightness to match the walls, and the dark decor adds some contrast within the space.

6. Cozy Country Farmhouse

This stunning country bedroom plays with muted colors in a way that we should all try to replicate. While the furniture in the room is simple, the bed draws the eye with its layers and coloring.

The side tables are a beautiful shade of green to bring nature in, and the flowers add a simple pop of bright color. 

Textures play a big part in the beauty of this country bedroom. There are rough and soft textures, with varying colors that range from warm oranges to muted reds and blues. 

7. Cool-Toned Country Classic

The amount of beautiful natural wood in this bedroom is really what makes it stand out. You will notice the wooden floors, side table, bench, and framing around the bed and ceiling.

The colors used throughout this room compliment each other perfectly, giving you something simple but so stunning as a result. 

Bedside lamps in this room compliment the color theme with muted copper of golden looks, and the hide on the floor brings all colors in.

8. Southern Grace Country Bedroom

15 Country Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

If you have a large room, this southern grace country bedroom could be a great fit for you. Here, the double bed is a light cream or white color with faded markings. A sliding barn door on the far wall and the metal above it blend perfectly with what is already in the room. 

The most notable feature of this bedroom are the stunning beams. This warm wood brings the light in and matches the floor below and the warmth of the lamps. 

9. Earthy Toned Country Style

This bedroom’s earthy tones work together wonderfully to give us a masterpiece. Here, the dark chocolatey floors with the dark bedside tables and cushions on the bed.

Lighter colors from the wall, throw, cushions, lampshades and hide work to add extra light and softness to the space, which works perfectly with the natural wooden bed frame.

The light browns of the duvet work with the tones in the hide, but also the bed frame and a number of cushions. This brings everything together in a beautiful bundle that anyone would be happy to have. 

10. Ranch Themed Country Look

This bedroom is actually the same as the one above, but it looks totally different! The blues used in this ranch-themed bedroom and the stunning quilt bring out a fresh and light feeling.

The hide and bed frame still work wonderfully in this scenario, as there are darker tones in the quilt and pillows. 

In this room, the amount of light brought in by the lighter colors makes it feel more open and airy, but still cozy. It just shows how different a room can look with a few minor changes.

11. Rustic Arizona Country Bedroom

The mottled colors in this room create a warm and cozy vibe that is perfect year-round. The cool-toned carpet matches the bed frame, walls, and other pieces of furniture to pull everything together.

Warm browns can be found throughout the room, in places like the cow hide, lampshades, pillows, and throw. 

When paired together, these colors create a very rustic and cozy bedroom that just fits together perfectly.

12. Deep Rustic Master Bedroom

This deep rustic bedroom brings the beauty of the country indoors. Here, there are a number of colors and tones that work wonderfully together to create a stunning country bedroom. The deep color of the floor, as well as the pattern, is broken up by the cool gray rug.

Gray tones are found on the bed, side table, and curtains, while the warm brown engulf the whole room from floor to ceiling. 

Warm lighting brings out the colors below it, and the cow skull above the bed brings in a needed hint of lightness to pull everything together. 

13. Cool Toned Rustic

This country room embraced cool tones. Here, the gray and cool browns work together to create a simple but beautiful final piece. The wall art pulls colors from various points in the room, including the duvet and hanging lights. 

Textures in this room contrast one another and give you something interesting to look at everywhere your eye falls. 

14. Country Farmhouse

The rich orange, whites, and greens in this country bedroom come together to give you a bold and beautiful visual experience.

The copper tones from the lamps compliment the oranges and browns found on the floor, duvet, chair, and ceiling while not being overwhelming. There are a number of white accents throughout the room, including on the bed itself and the black and white rug. 

This combination mutes the richness of the orange into something that is suitable for a bedroom, and works beautifully with the greens and blacks dotted around the space.

15. Minimal Cool Tone Country

The colors in his bedroom are simple and work together very effectively. A number of cool tones dominate the scene, found on the wooden slanted ceiling, rug, and bed.

The muted warm tones from the floor and pillows work surprisingly well, and the muted wallpaper pulls everything together in an easy but pleasant way. 

Final Thoughts 

Country bedrooms can be anything you want them to be. There are elegant options, but also the classic and rustic ones.

Depending on the furniture you already have, warm or cool tones may work best. Generally, cool tones work wonderfully with muted blues and greens to create a peaceful space.

Warm tones often pair beautifully with oranges and deep browns, as a number of bedrooms illustrated here. 

Maisie Park