Why Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand So Popular In People’s Homes?

Are you struggling to find the best color for your home? It can sometimes be difficult to choose between different shades and whether you’re thinking if one color will suit how you want it. 

This guide will be covering whether the Sherwin Williams  silver strand will be a good match for both you and your home. Are you able to use this color throughout your home or spread across different rooms? Find out here if it is the best option for you! 

Why Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand So Popular In People’s Homes?

Why Choose This Color? 

It all depends on your personal preference and what is going to reflect your own personality in your home, but this will give you a few reasons why many people love this strand. 

One reason for why many people love this color is because it is a light gray but it is definitely not washed out which is what you might see for some other gray tones in different stores. 

Many people look at this color and think it is like a moody gray but it all depends on what type of lighting it is in because it can show different undertones depending on where you’re standing and where the window is.

Changing In Different Lights 

In different lights it can shift to different colors as mentioned previously. For example, it can either turn to a gray -green or a silver- blue. People tend to really love these changes because it can make your room look quite vibrant at times and different every day.

Another reason why this color has remained very popular across the world is because it has an effortless light and airy feel to it when you walk into a room and it does not have to have tons of natural light coming through to create this effect.

Therefore if you find yourself in a house which can sometimes be a bit dark and dreary, this type of color throughout your home will really lift the vibe and make it far more open and airy.

It can change the whole dynamic of the room where it might have felt quite stuffy and claustrophobic at one point, but then using this paint color can really open the space for breathing room.

Strong Undertones 

Most people ask how do they make such a wonderful color with different undertones all in one lot of paint. The changes in colors are mainly down to the type of black paint they used to mix in with the silver strand paint. 

The black color will actually give the base color those blue undertones and then a little bit of green will also be added where you all then see anyone to change between the two in the silver end result.

If you are looking for just a gray color throughout then this is definitely not the color for you. However, if you’re looking for something quite airy and will make your room full spacious with cooler tones such as green and blues then this will be the perfect, natural option for you.

People don’t just want to use this color in one room, they love to spread it out across the home mixing it with whites and plain colors to add to the air refill.

It is also an ideal shade for people who might not have windows in the bathroom and the color will create the airy feel not the natural light.

What Not To Put It With

What you mustn’t do with this particular color is start mixing it with really bright colors around your home because of the cool undertones which will not match them. 

What is a really good factor about this color is that it can be very versatile when looking at the amount of light you have coming through your windows.

This means that you will still have that airy CO even though you might not have huge amounts of light coming through from different angles.

Most people absolutely love having this color in the master bedroom as the main color because for most people the bedroom is used as almost a sanctuary.

It is a place for many people to go and relax and chill out after a long day which is why the specific color is used very often because it creates a spa-like feel to the bedroom. Most people also like to use it in the bathrooms for the same reason and it also gives a very clean fill as well.

Why Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand So Popular In People’s Homes?

What Goes With The Silver Strand? 

If by this point you’ve decided that this is the color for you, you might be thinking about the other colors that you would like to coordinate this with. This is both different walls and decor including your furniture.

Many people will go for a very neutral color such as whites or cream but there is also the bold option of going for a navy color which complements the silver strand very well.

This is because of the undertones that the silver strand has which works very well with the navy which is the bolder wall choice.

This navy color also works extremely well with your decor and also things like your do you say cushions and if you have room for a small sofa, it will coordinate extremely well.

You can also think about how you can coordinate the smaller parts of the bedrooms such as the doors and the wardrobe and the trim. 

Is It Easy To Decorate? 

This color will be a godsend when it comes to decorating the room after painting. This is because this type of color will go very well with most furniture because it is a more neutral look.

It all depends on The undertones that she would like to bring out. For example if you wanted to use more of the blue undertones then you could add more of a soft blue color to the room which you can do with your pillows or your duvet as mentioned previously.

The reason for doing this is because your eyes will automatically be attracted to the blue tone which will come out more in the wall color as well.

This works exactly the same way for if you wanted to use a sage green in your room which is also very popular. You would decorate your room with other green accessories which will pull the attention to that specific undertone.

You need to make sure you have fully thought about the layout of your rooms before using this type of paint. Do you want it to be effective and work well within the rooms and throughout the whole home. 


you need to think about the other colors to coordinate with and how you will decorate. If you are planning properly, you will also be able to be more in control and not have any surprises before the manual work! 

This is a wonderful color but it needs to be thought out properly for maximum benefits! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Silver Strand Warm Or Cool?

It is definitely very cool because of the blue/green and gray undertones which will be like a breath of fresh air. Most people don’t think paint can make much of a difference, but it really can! You need to pick the right colors for what type of feel you want to achieve. 

Is Silver Strand Gray Or Green?

It is difficult to say exactly what color it is out of blue, gray and green because it is a blend of them all when you look at it. You will notice this blend because of the blank that is used in some of the combinations.

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