Should You Choose Black Grout?

We have all seen a bathroom with black grout everywhere.

The reason for its popularity is due to the black grout making whatever colored tiles it is paired with pop out much more than if the grout was not black and the tile simply faded into the wall.

Should You Choose Black Grout?

If you are intending to plan a new bathroom you may be wondering if you should use some black grout to make the room stand out but is it worth it?

If you are deciding to use a white tile for your shower then you are likely to use black grout to elevate it. 

However there may well be some downsides to using black grout that you have not thought of so in this article we will explore everything you can think of to do with the positives and negatives of black grout. 

The Positives

The first pro to using black grout is not going to be going out of style, so you can easily use it with some black tiles or the more popular pairing for black grout, white tiles.

Using black grout can make even the cheapest of tiles look much nicer. 

Typically if you are using some lighter colored tiles then really you should only be pairing it with some darker colored grout as if you use any lighter colors then it can all just blend together and just look boring and plain.

If you are aiming for a modern look in your bathroom then black grout is perfect because when paired with white tiles it will give off the modern look that you are going for. 

There is also an idea that black grout can mask dirt but that is not the case. So to summarize the positives.

The appeal of black grout is the look, having a bathroom be elevated by simply adding some grout to it is very appealing for a lot of people. 

But before you head out and buy some black grout there are some downsides to it so now let’s move on and discuss the issues with balck grout. 

The Negatives

So now let’s discuss the problems with black grout, whilst it does look great when paired with lighter tiles it starts out just that but can turn into an issue as time goes on.  

Unfortunately as time goes on your black grout will begin to fade. When it comes to grout, no matter the color that you decide to go with, the product is very porous and will take in anything that makes contact with it.

The only way to avoid this is to ensure that the grout is sealed properly. 

Even if you do maintain the black grout and ensure that it is sealed then within just a couple of months it can start to fade in areas where the grout will mostly make contact with the water.

There is no real solution to this issue as no matter what you do the grout will still fade from water erosion. 

Should You Choose Black Grout?

So what can you do to preserve the color of your black grout?

There are methods that can be used to mostly maintain the color, but as we discussed if it is in any way making constant contact with some water then it will never look as it did when the grout was installed in the first place. 

How To Seal Your Grout

This may seem like an impossible problem especially if you already have black grout installed then do not worry, there are things you can do to keep it looking as good as you possibly can.

Firstly you will want to make certain that your grout will be sealed upon installation. 

This is possible to do on your own by choosing a grout sealer, we would advise choosing a sealer like Aqua Mix this sealer is used by professional tile installers and is recommended by them. 

If you do choose to install your own sealer then here is a quick step by step guide for you DIY enthusiasts:

  • First of all you should apply the sealer over the grout once it has been installed making sure you get all of it and especially applying it over areas you are aware that it will be coming into heavy contact with water
  • After you have sealed the grout make sure that you use a neutral ph cleaner that will be used to clean the grout and the tiles regularly. Your group once sealed should not be cleaned with anything that is not a neutral pH as anything else would cause it to break the sealant and fail eventually that leads to your grout becoming discolored. 
  • If you wish to have it cleaned professionally then give it some time and it is strange for a cleaning company to come around and give the grout a deeper clean than you probably could do. Once they have cleaned then make sure that you reseal it again.

If you decide to follow the steps we have listed for you then you have the best chance to maintain your black grouts color and integrity.

No matter how frequently you do this there will be parts that are inevitably going to be going more gray in between the cleanings. 

Final Thoughts

We have covered all of the positives and negatives of black grout. Maybe it is not perfect for your bathroom but it can be great in a kitchen where water will not be as much of an ever present issue. 

The issues with grout in the bathroom are not deal breaking but it can be just an inconvenience when that one spot in the room looks nothing like the rest of it due to the water damage.

So if you desperately want some black grout then go for it just know that if you want to use it in the bathroom then just know it will require a lot of maintenance so if you are prepared for that then go ahead.

Maisie Park