15 Living Room Photo Wall Ideas You Will Love

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, right?

It’s the place that we go to relax after a hard day’s work or after a tough week.

15 Living Room Photo Wall Ideas You Will Love

Many of us love to unwind by laying down on the couch in the living room and watching some TV, or sitting in a chair in the corner and reading a book, or relaxing and listening to some music. 

Many of our favorite relaxing hobbies are done in the living room, and so it’s very important that the living room looks exactly how you like it.

After all, if you’re going to spend so much time in a single room, then you want to love its design. 

Thankfully, there are lots of easy ways you can make your living room more exciting, such as putting in new furniture or adding some lively, green plants.

One of the easiest, yet most personal ways, to rejuvenate your living room is by adding a photo wall.

There are plenty of different ways to arrange a photo wall in your living room, and we’ve got the best of them below.

In our handy guide, we’re going to show you 15 living room photo wall ideas that you will love.

Find your new favorite and make your living room better in no time!

15 Living Room Photo Wall Ideas You Will Love

1. An Enormous Framed Collage

We’re beginning our list with a big one! 

Having a photo wall in your living room is a great way to make the room much more personal to you.

For example, if you’ve got a family, then you can have various photos of you and your kids growing up.

A photo wall allows us to reflect on the past and remember our favorite moments. 

Adding an enormous framed collage of photos is a great way to really celebrate your favorite memories.

While other photo wall displays might only have space for a few select moments, with an enormous framed collage you can celebrate so much more – with room for photos of every occasion and person that’s important to you.

The collage can take up most of an entire wall, too, which really makes it a centerpiece to the living room that is hard to ignore. 

2. Framed Photos On Top Of Paneling

This is one you might not have thought of, and it really makes the most of the space in your living room. 

If you’ve got some wood paneling on walls in your living room, and it doesn’t cover the entire wall, then you can use the top of the paneling as a sort of shelf for photos. 

It’s a neat way to make use of space that you didn’t realize was there.

On top of that, being sparing with the photos makes the display look much more stylish, just a simple and small array of photos lined up neatly across the wood panels. Sometimes minimalism is the way forward!

3. Columns Of Photos Divided By Borders

If your living room wall is separated into bordered columns, like in the photo we’ve used, then you can use it as an opportunity to make a photo wall that is very well ordered and neat. 

By arranging your photo frames in equal columns, it helps to make them look very smart.

For extra tidiness, make sure that the photo frame sizes are kept the same as you go along the wall.

They don’t have to be the same size going vertically, but keep them the same horizontally!

You don’t have to have a living room wall with bordered columns to do this, you can still do it on a blank wall.

However, the bordered columns do make it look a little smarter!

4. Six Large Photo Frames

Speaking of neat, this arrangement of six large photo frames is a great design for a stylish photo wall. 

By arranging six of the same photo frames in two rows of three, it gives a very tidy lattice of memories!

You can jazz things up a bit and alternate the frame colors if you want, just make sure that you stick to a pattern rather than just do a scattershot range of colors. 

5. Arrangement Of Different Sized Photo Frames

This can be a difficult one to get just right, considering all of the differently-sized photo frames.

However, if you do manage to get it right, without any frame being just too big, then it will look wonderful!

This design is much better than just having a bunch of different-size photo frames scattered everywhere.

Instead, the varying sizes are all arranged into a large overall rectangular block.

This makes the frames look much neater, and almost tricks the eye into thinking all the frames are equal!

6. Using Some Old Window Frames

Now, we know what you’re thinking – “what?!” However, this is a really great way to do a photo wall. 

Basically, you repurpose an old bunch of window frames and attach them to the wall.

You remove all of the glass, and instead clip photographs into each of the gaps.

Each window becomes its own photo frame! It’s super rustic and super creative. 

7. Heart-Shaped Photo Wall

This is a sweet one! If you’ve got lots of romantic photos of you and your partner, some wholesome pictures of you and your kids, or even just some dreamy holiday snaps, then this is a loving way to present them.

When all the photos are put together they make the shape of a large heart on the wall – very sweet!

8. A Shelf Of Photo Frames

Putting a shelf up behind your couch is a great way to create a photo wall, allowing you to then arrange a series of framed photos across the shelf. 

The bonus here is that you’ll see the photos every time you go to sit down, keeping your happy memories constantly in your mind!

9. Wood And String Photo Holders

This is a bit like the window frame method we covered earlier, where you’re getting creative and ending up with a photo wall that looks really cool and rustic.

This one is thankfully simpler though! All it takes are a few long bits of wood and some rope connecting them.

You can then use a clothes peg to connect some photos to the rope.

10. Solo Family Portrait Photos

This is a great one for people with a family! Using a series of equal-sized frames placed neatly next to each other, you put a photo of a family member in each frame.

This means that when they’re put next to each other, it’s like you’ve got a whole family photo! 

11. Photo Corner

A very stylish, yet easy to do, photo wall here! Arrange your photos in whatever way you like on the wall, but do it next to a corner. Then, on the next wall, continue arranging some more!

The end result makes it look like you’ve got a photo selection that crosses walls, and the sharp right-angle really gives the photo arrangement some extra visual appeal!

12. Honeycomb Photo Arrangement

Like the heart arrangement we mentioned earlier, this photo wall idea arranged your photos into the shape of a honeycomb.

Bees and bee designs are constantly in fashion, making this honeycomb style especially stylish!

The series of hexagon shapes that you place your photos onto really changes the feel of your photos – for the better. 

13. Tree Photo Frames

This is another great one for people who have a family. It’s an enormous tree shape that covers your wall, and the photos of individual family members go in specific frames that are hanging off the tree branches. 

Get it? It’s a family tree! This is a stylish photo wall to show off your whole family in the living room. 

14. Single Frame

Okay, we know that a single photo frame on the wall can hardly be called a “photo wall”, but we think it’s a stylish way to subvert the usual arrangement of various photos in your living room.

There are times when having a lot of photos on the wall can clutter things up, no matter how neatly they are all arranged.

Sometimes it’s nice to just strip things back and be minimalistic. That’s why having a single photo frame on the wall can attract just as much attention as an entire collage!

15. Empty Photo Frames

We’re finishing with a similarly subversive photo wall idea…empty photo frames! 

With this design, you have a variety of photo frames on your wall, but with no photos in any of them.

All you can see in the frame is the color of the wall itself. Each frame differs in size and color, yet they all have the same contents.

It’s an inventive and tongue in cheek way to do a photo wall in your living room!

Final Thoughts

A photo wall can really personalize and brighten up your living room. Use our handy list of photo wall ideas to inspire you!

Maisie Park