15 Jack And Jill Bathroom Ideas For Your Perfect Home

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, because it’s the place where you wash, bathe, clean your teeth, and more.

15 Jack And Jill Bathroom Ideas For Your Perfect Home

As a result, you always want your bathroom to look fantastic, with a stylish design and color aesthetic that suits your tastes.

However, many people have “Jack and Jill bathrooms” in their home.

These are bathrooms that have two entrances, each going to a different bedroom.

These bathrooms are popular for young children, typically a boy and girl, and they have double vanities so that each of them can use the room at the same time. 

If you’ve got a Jack and Jill bathroom, it’s a great opportunity to update the room and make it more appealing.

If you think about it, your creative additions to it will benefit two people! 

You can update a Jack and Jill bathroom in all kinds of ways, but there are so many different ones that it can be hard to find the ideas that are best for you.

That’s where we come in, because we’ve done the work for you! In our handy guide below, we’ve collected together 15 Jack and Jill bathroom ideas for your perfect home.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration to liven up the Jack and Jill bathroom, and it’ll be looking better in no time. Read on!

15 Jack And Jill Bathroom Ideas For Your Perfect Home

1. Add A Miniature Towel Rail For Each Sink

When people are using a Jack and Jill bathroom, it’s a given that there will be some element of sharing.

When it comes to using hand towels, it can often be frustrating using one with another person.

For example, they might get it soaked or be using it when you need it.

What’s the solution? Miniature towel rails! Since a Jack and Jill bathroom typically has two sinks, you can hang a miniature towel rail on each side, next to each sink.

This way, when one of the people is done washing their hands, they can immediately reach to their own personal hand towel.

2. Tie The Two Sinks Together With A Decoration

As we’ve mentioned, a Jack and Jill bathroom has two sinks in it, with one for each person.

These sinks can sometimes look quite isolated, being so removed from each other.

This look can bring the room down a little and make it appear a bit cold and unwelcoming.

A great way to fix this is by putting some kind of decorative object in between the two sinks.

This bridges the gap between them, making them seem a little united, while still allowing each person to wash their hands separately.

Good examples of decorations are little pot plants, a nice vase, or a tray for bathroom products. 

3. Color Coordinate It


Another way to tie your Jack and Jill bathroom together is by color coordinating it.

Having a proper color scheme to your bathroom, rather than just using a range of random colors, makes it look very sophisticated and pleasing to the eye. 

You’ll want to color the key features, such as the sink cupboards and the mirror.

We recommend blue as a great color to give the bathroom a breezy, bright feeling – but any color will improve it when they’re coordinated.

4. Add Some Curtains Or Shades To The Window

It’s always a good idea to dress up the window in your Jack and Jill bathroom.

There are so many different types of curtains and shades that you can get, and each brings their own unique look and feel to the room. 

You can go with some simple curtains, add some shutters instead, or even have a window valance. The choice is yours!

5. Have Some Symmetry

A guaranteed way to get any room looking better is to have it be symmetrical.

This is no different for a Jack and Jill bathroom, where there is arguably more opportunity for symmetry, because you’ve got two of everything already!

Arrange your mirror to be symmetrical with each other, along with the sinks and the cupboard beneath them.

6. Install Sliding Doors

Since a Jack and Jill bathroom has two doors going into it, which is more than most bathrooms, it offers you a great opportunity to be creative with the entrances.

There are all kinds of interesting door styles that you can install, but one of the best is the sliding door.

Sliding a door open feels very classy, giving the bathroom an exciting and fancy edge. 

7. Change The Wall Behind The Mirrors

When it comes to rejuvenating a bathroom, you can make a big difference by giving the walls a new coat of paint or some wallpaper.

However, you can often make just as much difference by changing only one wall, because that one then sticks out more.

Changing only the wall behind the mirrors will draw more attention to that area of the room, livening it up. 

When you paint only one wall, it’s known as an “accent wall”. However, it doesn’t have to be painting.

Instead, you could add some exciting tiles, like the honeycomb ones in the picture.

Tiles will especially stand out when all the other walls are just painted.

8. Think About How The Bedrooms Look

In order to make the Jack and Jill bathroom blend more seamlessly into the two bedrooms connected to it, you’ll want to think about what those rooms look like from the bathroom.

Obviously you’ll only have a portion of the bedrooms visible through the doors, but dressing up at that portion can make a big difference.

Add some calming furniture, a plant, or ensure the color scheme complements that of the bathroom.

9. Install Some Stylish Sinks

It’s very easy to just use standard sinks designs when you’re outfitting your Jack and Jill bathroom, but there are so many funky sink designs on the market that you’d be missing an opportunity to really make things more stylish.

Since most sinks are round, having a rectangular, box-like sink is a very stylish and minimalist take on a classic bathroom amenity. 

10. Divide The Two Sinks With A Tall Cupboard

This is the opposite of what we mentioned earlier, where we said uniting the two sinks with a decoration could make the room feel more whole.

With this pick, it makes the sinks feel separate, granting more privacy to each person!

Plus, dividing them with a tall cupboard unit gives you much more space to store bathroom products and towels.

On top of that, the great height really contrasts with the low sinks, making it very visually appealing. 

11. Have Some Fancy Floor Tiles

Tiling is very important to a bathroom, because it can make such a difference to the whole feel of the room.

Tiles can be put on both the walls and the floor, but here we’re looking at the floor.

There are so many different designs and color schemes of bathroom floor tiles out there, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your own aesthetic and mood.

With a fresh set of floor tiles, your Jack and Jill bathroom will be looking even better!

12. Get Hanging Lights Over The Mirrors

Lights are essential to bathroom mirrors, because they allow you to see your reflection more clearly.

There are all kinds of exciting lights that you can have with the bathroom mirrors, each with their appeal and style.

We think that a hanging light in front of each mirror in the Jack and Jill bathroom is a great look, because they feel quite elegant and project more than enough light.

13. Have Some Stools For Children

If your Jack and Jill bathroom is for your two young children, then you will want to place some stalls in front of the sinks.

These will allow the children to be able to reach the sinks, while still keeping them high enough for any adults that might use the room too. 

14. Get A Large Shared Mirror

All of the Jack and Jill bathroom images we’ve used so far have had separate mirrors behind each sink, one for each person.

However, you could instead install a large horizontal mirror that stretches across the whole sink unit, allowing both people to look in the same mirror, while still keeping their own individual sinks. 

The large mirror is definitely eye-catching thanks to its immense size, and the fact that the users share it makes the bathroom seem a bit more unified again. 

15. Change Up The Sink Cabinets

Finally, you can pick from all different kinds of sink cabinet designs.

Some are wide, keeping the sinks apart, and having lots of cupboards and drawers. 

Others, however, are much shorter. They have the sinks close and only a few drawers. 

Choose whichever style suits your room and its size!

Final Thoughts

If you have a Jack and Jill bathroom, there are many ways to make it more stylish. Use our list of 15 Jack and Jill bathroom ideas to find inspiration!

Maisie Park