15 Gray Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Gray has become a very popular color to use throughout the home, including in the bedroom.

Although a neutral color, it offers an elegance that many other neutral colors can’t match and is available in a wide variety of shades.

15 Gray Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Whether you want a dark, light, warm, or cool bedroom, there is a shade of gray that will suit your tastes.

Gray is also an excellent base for several different themes, styles, and decor choices making it one of the most versatile colors you can choose.

In this article, we will look at 15 gray bedroom ideas that you’re bound to fall in love with.

1. Choose A Light Gray

White can be too bright and stark for a bedroom, especially if it is a large bedroom. If you want to stick to light tones that aren’t as blindingly bright, then consider using a light shade of gray instead.

Some of the palest shades of grays aren’t that far removed from white and can have similar effects on your bedroom.

They’re neutral enough to match many other colors and you can add darker shades of gray to make more depth in your room.

2. Paint A Fake Headboard

A great way to break up a space and add some gray to your walls without painting an entire wall is to create a fake headboard.

Think about where your bed will be placed and outline a rectangular shape on the wall that is wider and higher than the bed and its actual headboard (if it has one.)

Paint this rectangle with your chosen shade of gray and it will frame your bed like a faux headboard.

We would recommend painting all the way down to the floor, including over your skirting board to create the best effect.

3. Choose Tones That Complement The Undertones Of Your Gray

Once you’ve decided what your main shade of gray will be, you can begin to bring together the rest of the room.

Most shades of gray have an undertone of a different hue to them and by matching these, you can make a beautiful bedroom. 

For example, some grays have a blue undertone and if you choose one of these grays, use blue furnishings and decors. Other grays have other hues, such as green or even pink.

Selecting the wrong hue can cause a color clash but the right color will make for a chic look.

4. Add Texture

Painting your walls gray will give your bedroom a calm and even base. This can sometimes be a little cold and flat, but you can easily combat this by adding some texture to your room.

Using different shades of gray throughout the room will add texture to your bedroom. You can also add texture in more explicit ways with the use of different fabrics and wall coverings.

Consider adding artwork to your walls, as well as throws and textured pillows.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Patterns

Many people shy away from bold patterns in the bedroom but with gray as your base, you don’t need to. Gray walls are perfect for artistic patterns and can really tie together all of your furniture and furnishings.

You can make simple geometric patterns with gray and complementary colors. Remember to find a color that matches the undertone of your gray and these can be used throughout the room.

Patterns look great on your walls, but also on your curtains, rugs, or bed linen.

6. Utilize Bold Colors

Although gray works perfectly with other neutral colors, it works just as well with bold and bright colors. You might be surprised at how bright you can get without it looking mismatched or wrong.

For example, pale and mid-grays look stunning when paired with mustard yellow and tones of orange. Other grays, especially those with blue undertones, look amazing with shades of hot pink.

Adding these bright colors can stop your room from looking too dull and calm. 

7. Or Make It Monochrome

Bright colors are great with gray, but so is a monochrome scheme. Monochrome is usually black and white but you can also use various shades of gray as midpoints between these two extremes.

Use a dark shade of gray for your walls, white linen for your bed, and patterned throws and cushions to make your bed the focus of your monochrome bedroom.

You can keep this color scheme going throughout any artwork you decide to hang as well.

8. Opt For A Gray Carpet

15 Gray Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

If you want to add some gray to your bedroom but don’t want to paint your walls gray, then why not opt for a gray carpet instead?

Keep your walls a neutral color and pair them with a gray carpet. Both light and dark shades of gray will work and can add a cozy feel to your bedroom.

Darker colors can hide some dirt stains and a mix of gray shades will add some texture and warmth to your bedroom.

9. Paint Your Panels Gray

Whether your closet is built into your bedroom or is standalone, painting the wooden panels of your closet gray is a great idea.

It’s a calmer color than white and can make your room feel more relaxing. As well as your closets, consider painting your doors the same shade.

You can choose to paint them in one uniform color or use different shades to accentuate the finer details of your closet panels.

You can also opt for a combination of paint and wallpaper depending on the style of doors.

10. Consider Paint Effects

When painting your walls gray, you don’t have to keep this as one base color or opt for uniform patterns, either. Paint effects are a perfect way to add some unique style to your bedroom walls.

Use a sponge to add several different shades of gray to your wall to make it look textured. It’ll give your wall a raw plaster or abstract look and you’re guaranteed something unique.

Add in some cool and dark blues as well to give it a feel of crashing waves.

11. Match Your Grays With Pink

One of the best colors to match with gray is pink. Although the two colors are very different, they match unbelievably well.

There are many different shades of pink that you can use, but we especially like a soft and light pink.

Our favorite way to use these two colors together is to use the soft pink for the color of the walls, while the furniture and furnishings are decked out in various shades of gray.

This will make your room feel very warm and inviting, while also remaining very on-trend.

12. Don’t Forget Your Windows

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, don’t forget the important role that your windows can play.

You may not be able to change your windows, but you can easily update them to match your new gray aesthetic.

We love the look of gray shutters and would recommend choosing a pale gray if you decide to add some. Even if you don’t have shutters, you can instead use gray curtains and paint your frames gray too.

13. Make Your Frames Gray

If you want some subtle gray touches to your bedroom, this can be achieved by ignoring walls, floors, and ceilings in favor of only painting your frames.

Paint your door frames and window frames gray and then match these with gray photo frames for any art or photos in your bedroom.

You can add a little extra to your gray frames by also using gray curtain rods and door knobs. This color scheme can also be extended to your skirting board if you wish.

14. Add Some Metallic Accents

A gray bedroom can be made even more luxurious and chic with the addition of some metallic accents throughout the room.

They don’t all have to be silver colored either, as metallic brass and gold match just as well with gray.

Consider metallic light fittings, door knobs, and decor scattered around your bedroom. You can also add a line of shiny metallic paint to an accent wall to give it a marble effect. 

15. Create A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a popular way to decorate a large and empty wall and they match perfectly with a gray bedroom that has gray walls.

You’ll need a variety of photos or paintings and they should all be arranged in similar frames and closely spaced together for the best effect.

We would recommend sticking with monochrome paintings or black and white photos for the best effect. You can change up the color of the frames if you wish, but we prefer a uniform look.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed 15 gray bedroom ideas (Also check out Bloxburg Bedroom Ideas) that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Whether you’re looking to change your entire bedroom or just a few pieces of decor, there will be an idea here to help you make your dreams of a gray bedroom come true.

Maisie Park