10 Boho Aztec Painted Terracotta Plant Pots You’ll Love

Finding a unique way to decorate your house can be a difficult task, especially in a world where things are often mass-produced. 

Boho Aztec Painted Terracotta Plant Pots You'll Love

However, that doesn’t mean that our desire for unusual or unique home decor is lessened, it just means that we have to try harder.  Boho design is a great place to start when looking to make your home a more unique space. 

Narrowing that category down further and Boho Aztec design could be just what you have been looking for. 

There are many ways in which you can incorporate Boho Aztec design into your home, but one of the easiest ways is through classic terracotta plant pots. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of ten of the best Boho Aztec painted terracotta plant pots to help inspire you when you are shopping for decor, or even making your own.

What Is Aztec Design?

Before we dive into the selection of beautiful Boho Aztec painted terracotta plant pots, it is important to understand what exactly BOho Aztec design is. 

The Aztec designs that we see on home decor now are inspired by the many warrior drawings, paintings, and pictographs that were found adorning the walls of Aztec temples. 

The designs were believed to be intended to make the Gods happy. 

Many Aztec designs were also tattooed onto the warriors.  Different designs would depict different accomplishments and rankings.  There would also be some designs that would represent some of the many Gods that the Aztec people worshiped.  

The more geometric patterns that we often associate with Aztec design have been found to date back to earlier designs that were painted in many different colors.  Newer Aztec designs were found to involve more animals and plants.

White Etched Chevron Design

The first design is very minimalist.  This would be a great option if you already have a lot of colors or plant pot designs in your home. 

Although the shapes used in this design are very basic, because they are so clean and done so well, it actually produces a very effective appearance.  

The evenly spaced circles or dots that continue around the entire rim of the pot create an even and satisfying pattern.  The fact that they are not done in a perfectly straight line adds to the Boho feel and ensures that it doesn’t feel mass-produced. 

The second band that is created around the pot helps to separate the dots or the circles from the larger design around the main body of the pot.  

The main body of the design involves chevron shapes that go in alternating directions.  When you look at the pot, you might see different sections, side by side that look like large V shapes either going up or down. 

The star of this design is the white glaze that helps to lift the design from the rest of the pot and make it stand out. 

Blue Diamond Rim Design

If you are looking for a Boho Aztec terracotta pot to brighten up a space that doesn’t have a lot of color in it, this blue diamond rim design could be what you are looking for. 

The pigmentation of the colors used is striking, especially when compared to the earthy tones of the unpainted terracotta body of the pot.  It makes it feel like you are looking at the ocean meeting the sun-scorched earth. 

This pot can bring a touch of nature to your home decor. If you are looking for inspiration to make your own Boho Aztec terracotta pots, this design may be slightly more tricky than the first design because there is no etching to guide your hand. 

The deep blue that is used in this design to paint the main color of the rim is incredibly pigmented.  If you are looking to recreate this design, a suitable paint with high pigmentation would prevent you from having to apply too many layers. 

The most intricate part of this design, and the part that would take the longest if you were making it yourself, is the diamond-shaped details. The small etches along the bottom edge of the paint can be made with a toothpick.

Multi-Colored Triangle Design

For some people, natural, earthy tones are not what they are looking for when they are decorating their space.  If that sounds like you, then this design could be what you’re looking for. 

When we say that this is a multi-colored design, we really mean that it is multi-colored, and it is bright too.  

The shapes and patterns that are used to create this design are very reminiscent of the earlier Aztec designs that used a lot of geometric shapes.  That is where the traditional Aztec aspects end and the Boho side creeps in. 

The colors used for this pot are incredibly unconventional, but they are guaranteed to brighten up any space that you put them in.  

Earth Tone Pixel Design

In almost complete contrast to the previous design, this pot features more muted, natural, and earthy tones to create a beautiful and very effective design. 

Although pixels obviously wouldn’t have existed for the Aztecs, that was the best way we could think of to describe this pattern.  While it may not be an authentic way to create an Aztec design, it certainly is very Boho.  

The small squares of color, or pixels, make up a very traditionally geometric design that wouldn’t feel out of place on a piece of pottery discovered thousands of years ago. 

Although the design may have some more modern or different influences, the colors used are very reminiscent of Aztec artwork. 

Detailed White Etched Pattern

If you liked the aesthetics of the first design on this list but thought that it was a little bit plain or boring, then this design could be for you.  It features the same etched pattern that is lifted from the rest of the pot using a white glaze or paint. 

However, the pattern itself is a lot more detailed and intricate. 

There are several different bands that have been created around the surface of this pot.  Each band features a different style of Aztec-inspired patterns. 

If you are looking to make this type of pot yourself, it can be useful to plan out the designs of each band before working on the clay to ensure that they complement each other rather than clash. 

Colorful Zig-Zag Band Pattern

If you know that you want colors in your space but don’t want to go overboard with this, this could be the design for you.  The patterns and colors are contained to the rim of the pot only, rather than spreading over the entirety of the surface. 

The colors used on this pot are also less bright than the ones used on the first multi-colored pot.  

The design of this pot mainly uses a zig-zag pattern that is very popular in Aztec artwork.  The diamond shapes that overlap slightly with the upper and lower border help bring the different patterns together.

Black, Red, And Orange Design

Not only does this pot feature Aztec patterns and design, but the colors used also feel like they could have been taken straight out of that period of time. 

The geometric shapes that are used to create this beautiful pot have been selected so carefully and arranged so beautifully to create a stunning plant pot.  

The use of different patterns and the way that they have been laid out means that your eye is drawn to all of the different bands in different ways.  This effect is also magnified by the incredible use of red, black, and orange colors. 

The way that they almost bleed into each other makes it feel like a sunset.  

Red, Blue, And Green Triangle Pattern

The colors used on this red, blue, and green triangle patterned pot always make us think of a comforting blanket with a geometric pattern. 

Although there are multiple colors that are used on this pot, the tones are somewhat muted and earthy rather than bright and in your face.  This can help the pot to complement many different spaces in your home.  

The pattern is enhanced further when the pot is filled with a plant that drapes over the edges or creates shadows over the side of the pot.

Etched Semi-Circle

The shape of this design is actually quite different from most of the patterns that we have seen so far in this list.  Instead of triangles, squares, and other shapes with pointed corners, this design features semi-circle shapes. 

This may not feel like an Aztec design, and it definitely does lean more towards Boho, but there are still elements of Aztec patterns in this pot.  

The pattern on this pot is made by etching the shape into the clay, this means that it can then be picked out by a glaze, either white or black.  The presence of lines inside the semi-circle is also reminiscent of Aztec artwork. 

Multi-Tone Blue Pattern

This design is very similar to that of the black, red, and orange design.  There are bands of different patterns that surround this pot, all featuring different geometric shapes. 

The pattern has also been etched into the clay to make it feel more authentic. 

The star of this pot, however, is definitely the paintwork.  The way the different tones and shades of blue blend together make it feel like you are looking at the ocean. 

A beautiful way to bring Aztec and Boho design together.  

Final Thoughts

There are many different designs that you can purchase or create that bring the beauty of both Aztec and boho designs together.  The mix of sharp, geometric shapes and the natural colors of the Boho style is a perfect combination for your home.

Maisie Park