An Expert’s Advice & Review Of The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

If you’re somebody who is a big fan of DIY projects, then you’ll know that a good table saw is one of the most important tools in your arsenal.

It can, however, be difficult to find the right one, as there are so many being sold on the market today.

An Expert’s Advice & Review Of The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

With so many different features and attributes associated with each of these different saws, it can be difficult to decide which one will suit your needs.

Chances are that if you’ve been doing your research on some of the best table saws on the market today, that you’ve come across the Delta 36-725t2 table saw. 

It’s become increasingly popular in the past year, and it’s not difficult to see why considering all of the different features it boasts, but is it really worth the money? Keep reading to find out more about the Delta 36-725t2 table saw. 

The History Behind The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

It’s quite interesting to note that the table saw featured in our review has quite a controversial past.

The company has tried their utmost to produce the great saw that we see advertised on the market today, but it was not always so popular. 

In 2020, many buyers felt incredibly upset, as the motor function on their new saws appeared to cease functioning after just two or three uses, which made it virtually useless. 

Because of the outrage that followed, with thousands of customers complaining about its lack of functionality, the company promised to do better. 

After listening to customer complaints, and rectifying manufacturing errors, the company released the saw that we have on our list, and considering how popular it’s been, it seems like they’ve managed to redeem themselves. 

There have been no complaints made to the company about this new model, so you can rest assured that the quality is top notch, tried and tested by customers everywhere. 

Pros And Cons Of The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

Before we move on to discuss some of the features of this table saw at length, first we need to consider some of the key pros and cons that the product displays.

This will help you to better make a judgment on whether or not this might be the right product for you. 

Pros Of The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

  • Safe stop feature – So you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself when using the product, as it will automatically stop if you come into contact with the blade
  • Heavy duty – It’s made from strong durable material that’s hardy and guaranteed to stand the test of time
  • 27 inches long – So you can complete larger projects
  • Cast iron table – So you know that it won’t get damaged from use
  • Affordable – You don’t need to break the bank to purchase this table saw
  • 5 years warranty – So that if by any chance it does break, the company have you covered
  • 1.5 HP motor – The incredibly powerful motor will keep your saw going for extended periods of time
  • Easy operation – The blade guard makes it incredibly easy to use

Cons Of The Delta 36-725t2 Table Saw

  • Can be loud – The motor tends to hum when it’s on, so it could prove to be a little bit noisy 
  • Lack of protection – The package does not fully protect the saw
  • Burn out – The motor can burn if there is a high level of power being surged through

Product Features

Product Features

Now that we’ve briefly covered some of the key pros and cons associated with the product, let’s move on to discuss some of the product features in greater detail, which will help you come to a decision if it’s the right table saw for you. 

Safety Features

First, let’s start off by discussing one of the most important features of the product – the safety features.

It’s important when purchasing a tool such as a table saw, that you’re fully protected against any possible injuries, so let’s take a look at some of the safety elements of the Delta 36-725t2 table saw. 

This saw features a transparent cover which adjusts on both sides of the blade, stopping any debris or chips from scattering around during use.

It will also stop your hand from coming into contact with the blade itself. This guard makes it incredibly safe to use. 

As well as the safety guard, the Delta 36-725t2 also comes fully equipped with a safety stop mechanism, so if you ever find your hands or fingers coming into contact with the blade, it will break, preventing you from acquiring any injuries. 

Debris Collector

One of the most frustrating things about using a table saw is the chips and debris that are accumulated throughout usage. These can be incredibly tricky to clean up afterward, and can actually cause injury. 

One of the greatest features displayed by the Delta 36-725t2 is that it comes fully equipped with a dust collector. This is fitted onto the blade, and it will collect any debris that you accumulate along the way.

You can then adjust this on to a vacuum, and get rid of all your unwanted chips in a flash. 

Capacity For Cutting

Many people reading this article will be eager to find out what the cutting capacity is for the Delta 36-725t2, after all, you need to know in order to decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you. 

Most of you will be using this saw in order to cut metal, and so you need to know whether or not it’s able to conduct its job efficiently.

We’re here to tell you that the Delta 36-725t2 has an excellent cutting capacity. At 90 degrees, it’s able to cut 3.5 inches, at 45 degrees, 2.5 inches. 

As well as this, it also has a capacity to cut 15 inches when going against the grain of the material. In addition, along the grain, it can cut 30 inches. This is an incredibly impressive cutting capacity for a table saw. 

The Blade

Another incredibly important element that needs to be taken into consideration before purchasing a table saw, is the overall quality of the blade. The Delta 36-725t2 has a 10 inch blade which is perfect for cutting wood and metal based items. 

The blade rotates safely, with an arbor lock, which means that it’s guaranteed to stand the test of time. 

It’s an incredibly sharp and strong blade, and won’t require any sharpening for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect of the saw. 

The Table 

Another important feature you want to look out for when purchasing a new table saw is the quality of the table. This table, as we mentioned briefly before, is made out of cast iron, so it’s guaranteed to last you.

Most tables tend to crumble and wear down over time, so it’s reassuring to know that the quality of this table is of the highest standard. 

The table is also incredibly large so you can complete bigger DIY projects without being strapped for space, reaching 20 inches in width, and 27 inches in length.

The best thing is that it also comes with two side extensions, so if you need to, you can expand the table to an even greater length. 

The Motor

Another thing to take into consideration is the motor equipped with the table saw. This one has a particularly powerful motor, with an ability to reach 15 amps, whilst spinning 3600 revolutions every minute. 

You’re guaranteed to have stability with the table too, as it weighs in at a large 200 lbs, which is great for when you’re working with such a powerful motor. 


Finally, this is something that you should always research and take into consideration whenever you’re purchasing a new tool.

Thankfully, the Delta 36-725t2 table saw has a 5 year warranty, so if you incur any unwanted or unexpected issues along the way, the company will be able to assist you. 

The fact that the warranty itself is so lengthy should instill trust within its customers, as the manufacturers are clearly confident that their product will stand the test of time. 

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult when choosing a new table saw, as there are so many out there on the market.

We would definitely recommend the Delta 36-725t2 table saw as a top choice, as it has all of the features required for a smooth cutting experience. 

The powerful motor, cast iron table, safety features, and dust collector all help to make it one of the best on the internet.

In addition, if you’re not fully satisfied with the product, or experience any issues after purchasing, the 5 year warranty has you covered.

Maisie Park