15 Bloxburg Bedroom Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Trying to redecorate your home can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are trying to do multiple rooms at once. 

Keeping track of everything that you want to do, the preferences of your family members, and ensuring themes and colors work together can be enough to put you off redecorating altogether. 

15 Bloxburg Bedroom Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

Of course, you could hire a professional designer but that can be costly.  Luckily, the creation of the Bloxburg app has allowed you to get creative with your room designs. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 Bloxburg bedroom design ideas that you will fall in love with. 

1. Modern Master Bedroom

If you are interested in redecorating your master bedroom there are so many possible themes that you can adopt. 

Having a modern master bedroom (Also check out Small Master Bedroom Ideas) can make it feel like you are waking up in a whole new house.  

The neutral tones of this bedroom design provide the perfect backdrop for artwork and house plants to bring some color. 

The clean and crisp lines in this design help to keep it ultra-modern, while the warm, natural colors prevent it from feeling overly clinical. 

2. Cool Neutrals Master Bedroom

If you want to decorate your bedroom in a way that feels like a fresh start or a clean slate, this cool neutral master bedroom design could be a perfect inspiration. 

The all-white furniture helps to keep things simple and prevents the room from feeling cluttered and overwhelmed. 

The slight blue-gray of the walls brings just the right amount of color and warmth to prevent the room from feeling cold and unimaginative. 

The use of natural artwork and house plants helps to bring some of the magic of nature into the room.

3. Natural Wood Dual-Level Bedroom

If your room is already spread across two levels, or you are looking to completely renovate your existing room, this natural wood, dual-level bedroom design can be the inspiration that you need. 

The natural wood finish and the exposed brick walls are the superstars of this design.  You feel like you are in half a wood cabin and half an inner city loft. 

If you work from home or are still in school, the split level helps to maintain a clear distinction between your work area and your sleeping quarters. 

This can really help to improve productivity and sleep patterns. 

4. Simple Cottage Girls Twin Room

If you have young twin girls or two girls who are close in age and share a room, this design can be the perfect inspiration for their dream room. 

The use of the dividing wall to create the feeling of a cute country cottage fills the room with atmosphere.  

Creating the illusion of their own little house can breed imagination and creativity.  It can also allow them to feel a little bit more grown up and like they have their own special space that is just for them. 

The colors of this room can be altered depending on the personality of your children.

5. Artsy Neutral Bedroom

If you are interested in artwork, music, and creativity, a boring white room isn’t going to make you fall in love. 

Instead, adding color and personality through accessories and decor can be the way to go.  

In this room from the Bloxburg app, the use of records for decorating and hand-drawn artwork help provide an inspiring and creative atmosphere. 

The funky sunburst-style mirror adds a dynamic shape to the room while the color scheme keeps things neutral to let the decor do the work.

6. Romantic Canopy Bedroom

If you have always wanted to create your own fairytale, romantic bedroom, this canopy design could be the inspiration you have been looking for. 

It is common for young girls, in particular, to dream of getting their very own canopy princess bed one day.  You can make that a reality without leaning too far into the princess theme with this design. 

By keeping the colors of the room, and the bed frame itself more neutral, you avoid the trap of designing the bedroom that the 8-year-old you wanted. 

Instead, the shelving above the bed and the warm, earthy tones make this room feel very mature and grown-up. 

7. Oriental Inspired Bedroom

If you want something completely different in your bedroom and have a penchant for East Asian artwork and design, this room can provide a lot of inspiration. 

The canopy bed makes the room feel very grand, in keeping with the opulence of oriental design. 

The use of overlapping oriental artwork behind the bed creates a sort of collage effect that allows you to embrace all of the things that you love about oriental design without going overboard. 

The last thing you want to do is overwhelm the room trying to fit in every aspect that you enjoy.  Pictures and art are a great way to avoid that. 

8. Green Themed Bedroom

Choosing a color as a theme to base your bedroom on is an easy way to ensure that everything you use compliments each other instead of clashing. 

However, with certain colors, such as green, it can be a thin line between a green-themed room and sleeping inside Kermit the Frog. 

This Bloxburg design manages to get the balance of green and neutrals just right.  There are plenty of different shades to avoid any monotony. 

The green is also restricted to decoration and textiles rather than entire walls being painted in the color.  The hardwood floor also helps to bring a touch of nature to the room.

9. Masculine Bedroom

If you are looking for a more masculine design than clean white lines and canopy beds, this design has you covered. 

The furniture and wall decorations that are used in this design make the room feel effortless and relaxed despite the fact it has been designed. 

The use of concrete, breeze block style decorations, and shipping crate tables provide an industrial feel

Combined with the gray of the feature wall, you could assume that this room has been made in an unfinished basement or an industrial loft. 

The round bed is a refreshing change from tradition and helps ensure the room doesn’t feel too boxy. 

10. Pink Kids Room

If you or one of your children adore anything pink, this design could be the perfect inspiration for their bedroom. 

Although there is a lot of pink in this room, from the walls to the bedding to the lights, it is broken up through the use of different shades.  

The splotches of purple and turquoise on the walls help add some depth and dimension to the room.  Touches of light gray on the bedding and the plant pot complement the pink and offer a cooler tone. 

The hardwood flooring adds warmth to the room and gives your eyes a break from the pink. 

11. Neutral Kid’s Room

If you want a more neutral tone for your kid’s bedroom (Also check out 15 Kids Bathroom Ideas For Your Perfect Home), this Bloxburg design has some great ideas. 

The different shades of gray that are used in this bedroom design create the perfect blank canvas for your little ones to begin forming their own preferences and personality. 

The gray of the walls provides a great backdrop to display your kid’s artwork without causing any clashing. 

The muted tones also provide the perfect atmosphere for winding down when it is time for bed rather than having bright colors and patterns that can be overstimulating. 

12. Bright And Clean Bedroom

If you want a bedroom that features bright colors but isn’t too overwhelming, this bright and clean bedroom design can offer inspiration for finding that perfect middle ground. 

The key to making this room so beautiful while incorporating bright colors is to keep the walls painted a neutral color.  

Against the white or cream wall, the colors of the artwork really pop. 

Similarly, the colors used for the bed frame and the scatter cushions have much more of an impact without having to be too bright.  

13. Fruit Themed Bedroom

If you want to have a bit of fun with the design of your bedroom, this fruit-themed bedroom design could be what you are looking for. 

The best thing about the design of this room is that it doesn’t just use fruit print to channel favorite fruits. 

The use of red bedding is in keeping with the fruit theme by linking with the colors of the fruit that have been incorporated into the wallpaper and artwork. 

This helps to tie the room together without going overboard with print.

14. Nature Inspired Bedroom

If you live in an inner city home, you might want to incorporate more nature into your bedroom. 

This Bloxburg design can be a great inspiration to bring the beauty of nature into your home.  

The use of natural tones and materials provides a zen and calming atmosphere which can help you unwind and relax at the end of a busy day. 

The use of draping plants helps to surround you with nature which can be really soothing for the soul and helps improve the quality of the air in your room. 

15. Pink Indie Bedroom

If you are looking for a more indie-inspired room, this design has got the vibe on point.  There are two main superstars of this design that can help form the basis of your own indie design.  

The lighting that stretches around the edge of the ceiling helps bathe the room in light, creating a soft ambiance. 

The majority of the design rests on the decor and accessories that are used in the room.  This gives you full freedom to express who you are at any given time.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing designs available to view and create on Bloxburg.  Whatever sort of bedroom you are trying to create, you can play around, free of charge, on the app before making any big decisions. 

Maisie Park