15 Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, but is also the most likely room to be cluttered.

But utilizing and arranging your kitchen can be achieved with designs that are just stylish but functional too. 

15 Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For A Beautiful Home

When you start your organization project, the cabinets built in the blind corners of your kitchen should be the first thing you focus on.

These cabinets are usually the spaces you use the least in your kitchen. If they’re not totally empty they’re usually filled with old utensils you no longer have no use for.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you show your blind cabinets some love they can actually be transformed into great storage solutions and add a new dimension to your kitchen.

Below, we’ll take you through what a blind corner cabinet is, why they can be an issue, and of course we’ll introduce you to 15 blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas to make your home beautiful! 

What Is A Blind Corner Cabinet?

A blind corner cabinet is generally considered to be a 36-inch base cabinet. But while a normal 36-inch cabinet will have 18-inch double doors, a blind base corner will use a 15-inch door and a center stile.

The center stile is the wooden piece next to the cabinet door that works as a buffer to the cabinet that joins the cabinets to its sides.

Specifications And Mechanics

A blind corner cabinet is just like a standard 36-inch cabinet. It will usually feature one door and one functional drawer. 50% of the cabinet is concealed in the corner but you can still use the space. 

Lots of people use a blind corner cabinet for the storage of pots, pans, and baking trays and also bigger appliances that they may not use every day.

A blind corner cabinet also contains an optional shelf inside which doubles the storage space. This shelf can also sometimes be removed if you wish. 

To pull out the cabinet you will need some space. These cabinets can also be pulled 6 inches away from the wall rather than resting flush against the two walls.

Filler is normally used to space 3 inches from the center stile of the blind corner cabinet to the next cabinet.

The filler gives you ample space for the door handles to fully open without obstructing other doors or handles.

Why Blind Corners Can Be A Problem?

15 Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Whether it’s base cabinets or wall cabinets, kitchen cabinet corners can be dark, deep, and difficult to reach. It’s a natural occurrence when geometry and the lack of space in a home collide.

Blind corners are called blind corners because when you reach into them, you’re often doing so blindly. 


There normally is not enough light in corner wall cabinets, and this is especially true with corner base cabinets.

Putting a light in your blind corner cabinet can be a good idea to illuminate a dark space.


Corner cabinets can be as much as 50% deeper than regular cabinets in your kitchen. 


In blind corner cabinets, it’s hard to reach things. This is not just true if you’re reaching right into the corner, but if you’re reaching into the sides of the cabinet too.

The sides of blind corner cabinets can be even more inaccessible.

Top Tip

Rather than trying to use a corner cabinet for storage – which often necessitates daily use and having to reach far into the cabinet for utensils – you could also just forget about using the blind corner cabinet as, well, a cabinet.

For example, you can install a wall oven into the corner cabinet and use these inaccessible spaces for the electrical components of an oven. 

1. Diagonal Cabinets

Diagonal cabinets are usually a super effective solution for the conundrum of utilizing kitchen corner cabinets.

Diagonal cabinets can be paneled quite easily to blend in with the rest of the cabinets in your kitchen. 

They also inject some excitement into your kitchen look. Diagonal cabinets are usually smaller than the other cabinets for your kitchen and are best used for storing cookbooks and smaller dishware.

2. Accordion Cabinets With Double Doors

An accordion cabinet with double doors is one of the greatest kitchen storage solutions. Double-door accordion cabinets make access to utensils easier as well as plenty of storage space.

3. Glass Display Cabinets

If you’re struggling to come up with an effective space-saving solution for using blind corner cabinets, you can instead turn them into a decorative feature above your countertops.

You can display your best dishes or glasses, and transform your blind corner cabinets into your kitchen’s beautiful talking point.

4. Creating Slots

Creating slots in your kitchen to store plates can also be a good solution for your blind corner cabinets, as they open up your kitchen and give it a very distinct look, i.e. an uncluttered one!

5. Garage-Style Cabinets

To decrease the amount of clutter in your kitchen, why not go for garage-style cabinets to store your appliances?

These cabinets feature doors that can lifted – like a garage door – and provide easy access to the utensils inside.

Blenders, mixers, and toasters would be great utensils to store in this cabinet.

These utensils can often clutter up your countertops, so keeping them in a garage-style cabinet is a great storage solution for them!

6. Narrow Cabinets

Another great storage solution and one that utilizes your corner cabinet is to install narrower cabinets below your kitchen counter.

You can use these cabinets for storing small utensils such as jars.

7. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan is one of the most common ways people utilize corner cabinets in their kitchen. It is a pie shaped cabinet that can be placed above or below your kitchen counter.

This type of cabinet is not only functional, but as it spins it gives you easy access to the utensils inside.

8. Swinging Pullouts

Swinging pullout cabinets are a guaranteed way to optimize blind corner cabinet spaces, that ensures you’ll never lose items in the back of your cabinets again!

Swinging pullout cabinets are designed with functionality in mind and are designed to give you easy access to the utensils inside.

Cookware and other utensils can be conveniently stored in this cabinet, whose design allows you quick access to these utensils. 

9. Easy Pullout Cabinets

Easy pullout cabinets are similar to our above example. These drawers are able to hold large and heavy cookware and utensils, which makes them an extremely functional storage solution for your kitchen. 

10. Corner Drawers

Installing corner drawers in your kitchen are a great solution to making corner cabinets more accessible.

These drawers can be designed in such a way that they can be pulled out and grant you simple access to cooking utensils.

You can split these corner drawers into small compartments to create even more storage space.

11. Sink Base Cabinets

Sink base cabinets are custom-designed cabinets that are particularly effective when you have a corner sink.

As the name suggests, these cabinets are below the sink’s base and can be used to store things like dish soap, detergent, garbage bags, and other cleaning products. 

12. Built-In Space For Seating

If you have quite a spacious kitchen already, you can incorporate a seating space into your corner kitchen cabinet, which gives you and your family members an extra place to relax in your kitchen.

13. Accordion Cabinets With A Single Door

Yes, there is more than one accordion cabinet storage solution! Single door accordion cabinets are a very reliable storage solution that is guaranteed to save space, especially when shelves are involved too.

14. Standard Kitchen Cabinets

Standard kitchen cabinets can functionally rest against the kitchen corner and provide ample storage.

You can store dishes and display glasses in there, and it works well as a nice accent to your countertop and your kitchen as a whole.

15. Open Shelves

To create a modern and minimalist look in your kitchen, you can also install open shelves above your countertop.

In these open shelves you can display colorful coffee mugs and beautifully designed teacups and teapots. Open shelves not only make utensils more accessible, but makes your kitchen a lot more stylish! 

Final Thoughts

Blind corner cabinets in kitchens are often seen as a nuisance.

Because they’re dark, deep, and at awkward angles that means storing and finding utensils can be difficult, many people either leave them empty or relegate them to storing utensils that they hardly ever use.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! If utilized correctly, blind corner cabinets in kitchens can be transformed into effective storage spaces, places to display your best dishware, or even clever seating!

Don’t let your blind corner kitchen cabinets go unused or unloved. Rather, embrace them and the storage space they provide to declutter your kitchen.

We hope our 15 blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas for a beautiful home have given you food for thought about your blind corner cabinets, and that some of these ideas can be easily applied to your own kitchen. 

Maisie Park